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Day 1

In 1997, an egar girl from Kent, LA signed a record deal that changed her life. Two years later, she had her first number one hit. By the time she hit 20 years old, she became the youngest female artist to sell over a million copies of her debut and sophomore albums. She went on tour after tour, selling out stadiums to fans across the world, winning grammy after grammy, and even snagging a movie role.  Then, something happened. By the end of 2002, after a nasty break up with the male version of herself, she reinvented herself, being more edgy and taking more risks. She lost her identity.After her 22nd birthday, a weekend in Vegas turned into suspected publicity stunt when she married her friend Jason Alexander in a white chapel after a drunken bender (later, to get it all annulled). Then, her life seemed to unwind.

Britney Spears was 22 when she started loosing her identity.

There’s another famous woman we all know and used to love. She stared on the Disney Channel and did some modeling for Abercrombie Kids. She started growing up as a teenager in movies that made her relateable. She was becoming the face of post-Disney teen fame. When she turned 20, however, her life started getting out of control. Series of car accidents and three rehabilitation centers later, her life was going no where. By the time she turned 22, her career in acting (as well as a music career) was a giant joke.

Lindsay Lohan was 22 when she started loosing her identity.

Another blonde beauty I grew up loving has a story too. She was of royal decent. She studied ballet before being too tall of the art. She went to the best schools and lived in a flat bought by her parents on her 18th birthday. She caught the eye of a prince and was engaged by 20. After she was married, she started realizing what kind of marriage she got into. Her husband was controlling and unwilling to have a romantic life outside of the publice eye. In 1983, by the time she was 22, she figured out that this marriage was more of a business transaction rather than true love.

Princess Diana was 22 when she started loosing her identity.

Well, yesterday was my 22nd birthday. I love(d) each of the women growing up, wanting to sing and dance like Britney, praying for red hair like Lindsay, and even pretending I was a princess thanks to Diana. But, this is the year I refuse to let my identity be lost.

This is the year I make something of myself. So, I have decided that this year, during the 22nd year of my life, I will write something EVERY DAY in this BLOG to remind myself that my identity is not lost. Welcome to 365 days of a life already in progress… and this is my story.

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